Child being hugged

In most cases when there are children involved in a divorce, any decisions that impact those children should be handled jointly. That may be difficult if a child custody is contested or if the parties have trouble communicating effectively.  Parents may simply disagree over what is in the best interests of the children.  While many situations and disagreements need to be handled in court, not all require that level of intervention.  A parenting coordinator can be a valuable resource for families going through the transition of a split or adapting to challenges that crop up after a divorce.  The Law Office of Rosemary Purtell can help you secure effective parenting coordination services.

What is a Parenting Coordinator?

A parenting coordinator is a neutral party whose main goal is to reduce conflict and assist parents in reaching amicable resolutions in order to avoid multiple and unnecessary court appearances. The parenting coordinator takes the time to understand the needs of the family. Once a parenting coordinator understands those unique needs, that person can be asked to make recommendations that are in the best interests of the children.  Conflict resolution skills are also taught to the parents as part of a parenting coordinator’s services.

Parenting Plan

In cases involving child custody, part of any settlement or Judgment from the Court will include a parenting plan.  A parenting plan includes agreements regarding educational needs, therapy needs, children’s scheduling details, and details about a child’s access to each parent. As children grow and needs evolve, these plans may change.   Generally speaking, divorcing parties must agree to the appointment of a parenting coordinator, how that professional will be compensated, and what authority he/she will have.  There have been recent cases that have expanded the Court’s ability to appoint these individuals; however, appointing a Parenting Coordinator must be by agreement of the parties.