Any divorce can be a difficult journey for Massachusetts residents to endure.  If it is considered a high net worth divorce, the stakes may be much greater.   If your divorce involves highly valuable assets, you need experienced legal representation with the resources needed to pursue a fair and equitable resolution and understanding of complicated issues such as tax implications.

High Assets

A high asset divorce may involve numerous bank accounts, retirement accounts, businesses, multiple real estate properties, stocks and other investments, and highly valuable personal property such as jewelry, vehicles, art and collections. The first step in a high net worth divorce is to identify and value each asset.  If one party was not part of the day-to-day financial decisions during the marriage, this part of the process will likely require outside financial experts.  Without these added resources, one party could be giving up valuable assets that he or she could be awarded in a divorce resulting in the division of marital property that is simply unfair.

There may be pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements involved in a high net worth divorce. These agreements may be found to be invalid depending on the circumstances.   An attorney experienced in these types of agreements can ensure that post-nuptial or pre-nuptial agreements are evaluated properly during the divorce.

Experienced High Net Worth Divorce Attorney

A high net worth divorce will impact the lifestyle and financial future of both parties in one way or another. The Law Office of Rosemary Purtell has experience dealing with complex and contentious high net worth divorces.  Attorney Purtell can invest the resources and time needed to fight to ensure that her client achieves an equitable share of marital assets.  She has the dedication to both negotiate and litigate on your behalf as you go through a divorce.  You can focus on your immediate needs as she offers unyielding support and focuses on your future.  Through any divorce, particularly a high net worth divorce, Attorney Purtell can be the most trusted and valuable asset in your corner.